Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Don't Die....It's Just Hair Dye!

So since I focused on hair my last post I would continue with this theme. With the season changing, I have heard a lot of my friends talking about changing their hair color. Some of them have come to me for help, unfortunately some of them came after a color disaster. My goal for this post is to keep you from experiencing a hair disaster by talking about color choice, types of dye (or color as we like to refer to it in cosmetology), how to apply your color and how to make it last to its fullest.
Hair Color Swatches

Picking your color
The main thing you need to decide when picking your hair color is if your skin tone is cool or warm. This will determine the color hue you should choose. Cool colors will have a blue or green undertone and warm colors will have red or orange undertones. If you have trouble determining this, look at the colors of your clothing that looks best on you and these colors will help you determine if your skin is cool or warm.

Types of hair color
There are three main types of hair color, temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent. Temporary colors wash out in one or two washes. Semi-permanent last a few months where the chemicals from permanent color will be in your hair forever.

How to apply your hair color
The first thing you should do when applying your hair color is separating your hair into sections so you can apply the product evenly. If you are trying a new color and a new product I would recommended doing a test strand so you know for sure how your hair will respond to the product before you put it all over your head! If you are satisfied with the test, start applying it to each section one at a time. AN IMPORTANT TIP: start applying color in the middle of your hair. Your ends are porous and suck up color faster and the heat from your scalp will cause the color to develop. Also, if you have really thick hair you may want to do the bottom half of your hair, wash it out, then do the top. Wait the full time the directions say then wash out the color.

Protecting your color
You should always use color protecting shampoo and conditioner so chemicals in regular shampoo don't strip your color. It is important to use protective styling products as well because the damaging heat can cause color to fade. Stay away from harsh chemicals like chlorine from pools and watch out for UV rays!

I hope that I have taken some of the fright out of hair coloring! Good luck and have fun with your color!

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