Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Blush: The second step of your make up routine

Hello readers! Since last time I told you how to start your make up routine, applying foundation and powder, this time we are going to talk about the next step, blush. Like your foundation and powder, your blush should be applied before the rest of your make up.
Step One: Picking your shade
Picking the right shade of blush for your skin tone is the most important step. The point of blush is to give you a natural, feminine glow, NOT to make you look like Bozo the Clown! The basic rule of thumb when it comes to blush is to flatter your skin tone. Simply put, the lighter your skin the lighter shade of blush you should choose. If you do not know your skin tone, has a unique tool that can help you.
Once you have determined your skin tone next you should pick your blush color. The easiest way to determine the appropriate color is to lightly pinch your cheek and pick the shade closest to the color your cheeks turn. It is good if you bring a mirror with you when you go to buy your blush in case there isn’t one available. WARNING: sometimes the incandescent lights in department stores can alter the color of your blush. If you get it home and realize it is not the right color, TAKE IT BACK!

Step Two: Applying your blush
After you have found your perfect shade it is time to apply. You will need a blush brush to apply the powdered product. The bigger the brush, the more natural the application will look.
Blush Brush
Rub brush in circular motion over blush to get product on it. Lightly blow off excess blush. Next SMILE! The round apples of your cheeks are where you want to start applying your blush. Apply in small circular motions up towards the temples. Soften the line by doing the same motions over again until the blush is well blended. You may want to add a little blush to the bridge of your nose and forehead.

My Bronzer
Optional Step Three: Bronzer
Adding bronzer to your blush step can help give you a sun kissed look. The same rules apply with picking blush. If you have a lighter skin tone pick a lighter bronzer. You should apply bronzer to places where the sun would naturally hit your face: bridge of nose, forehead and high on your cheek bones

Now get out there and find your perfect shade of blush and bronzer. These two products can help your skin pop! Good luck!

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