Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lip color: The final step of your beaty routine

The last thing every girl needs to complete her make up routine is lip color. Even if you prefer going “nude” it is good to put some type of product on your lips such as a gloss or balm like Chap Stick so they do not look too bare against the rest of your made-up face. The #1 rule of lip color is not to play up your eyes AND your lips. This simply means that if you are putting a lot of emphasis on your eyes then down play your lips. If you are going more natural with your eye make up then play up your lips to get a dramatic effect somewhere on your face.  

STEP 1: Liner
Not all women use lip liner when applying lip color but that is fine. The point of lip liner is to correct any flaws in your lips, make them appear larger or smaller, and to give the color product a base to stick to. Lip liner does make your color last longer so it is good to use. When applying liner you should follow the natural line of your lip. If you want to make them look bigger line right outside your natural line but DO NOT go over board! You will be able to see the natural line of your lip if you make a fake line too far away from it. The same rule goes for making lips appear smaller but make your line slightly inside the natural lip line. After you have made the outside line, color in your lips with the liner.


STEP 2: Lip color
I keep using the phrase “lip color” because traditional lipsticks are not the only products you can use to get color on your lips. You can use colored glosses and balms as well. You should pick the product that feels most comfortable to you. 

When picking a lip color it is important to remember that not all colors will look the same on all people. You have to keep in mind the colors of your skin tone and feel free to try different shades before picking one that is right for you. Also keep in mind you can mix colors to create a perfect shade.

When applying your lip color you should follow the line of your natural lips or the line you created with your liner. You can use a lip brush, your finger, or the tube/wand itself, just do what is easiest for you. After you apply your color, rub your lips together to blend the color. A tip I learned works to keep lipstick off your teeth is to stick your finger in your mouth, close your lips around it and pull it out. I know this sounds funny but it will remove any color that would rub off onto your teeth!

After this step, you are finished with your lip color.  You should now have all the steps and tips necessary to complete a basic make up routine! I hope that you have are excited to try your new routine out and remember, BE CREATIVE!!!

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  1. This is a good tip that I will have to try. I usually only wear chapstick, but after reading this post I want to try some good lipstick. lol