Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Beauty of Accesories: A Guest Post by Erin Kidd

Hello blog readers, this is not Amanda speaking. Actually, this is Erin Kidd, someone who loves Amanda very much :)

That's me :)
 Anyway, for those of you who do not know, I have my own blog called Becoming a Girly Girl. Basically, I am a once tomboy, no makeup wearer, who is trying to learn the ins and outs of being girly. My blog is documenting my journey to become a true woman...or at least a girlier one.

So, for this blog post, you are stuck with me instead of Amanda. Oh yeah, I know you are excited. ;)

Today, I am here to talk to you about my experience with accessories. For years, my only accessory was a cross necklace that my momma gave me for Christmas. It was simple, elegant, and represented something that I was passionate about. It was the only accessory that I felt like I needed.

You see my cross necklace?
However, I have recently began to experiment with other types of accessories because I am trying to be girly and girly girls accessorize.

  Headbands, bows, necklaces, rings, hats, bracelets, etc....they are all slowly making their way into my life. I am starting to understand how just the right accessory can bring an entire outfit together. I now own some bows for my hair, some long necklaces, and some hats. I have to say that I am proud of myself for broadening my horizons and jumping onto the accessory train.

pretty headband
So I guess the morale of the story is, girly girls accessorize. If you see a cute accessory in a store that you just have to buy, go ahead and splurge...just make sure that you have an outfit that will go with it. I am currently expanding my collection, and will continue to girly myself out with accessories.

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