Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This week I am going to continue the trend of make up how-to’s. Our make up routine is not complete just yet. After foundation, powder, some blush and maybe a little bronzer, it is time to shift to the eyes. Your are probably the most powerful things on your face and applying make up to them in the right ways will help them POP!

When applying make up you should always begin by applying your eye shadow. It is important that your eyelids be primed with foundation and powder so that the eye shadow will stick without wearing off. In today’s age, it really does not matter what color your eye shadow is. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO MATCH YOUR EYESHADOW TO YOUR OUTFIT!! It is ok to experiment with different colors. Neutral colors like browns and tans go with every skin type and are a safe bet if you are not sure what color to pick. Many products today are geared for specific types of eye colors and come in pallets with 2-4 different shades of colors.
Eye shadow pallet
When applying the eye shadow you should start with a lighter color on the lids of your eyes. Apply some of the shadow to your brush and starting at the inside corner of your eye sweep the color to the outside corner. Next, you want to get a color a shade lighter than the lid color and apply that to your crease. To find your crease close your eye and open it again; the natural crease is where you want to apply the darker color. For an even more dramatic look, you can apply and even darker shade to the outside corner to give your eyes definition. Finally, you want to apply a translucent color to your brow bone and the inside corners of your eye near your tear ducts. The light shimmer makes your eyes look bigger. Applying shadows in this order will give your eyes amazing definition and make them pop! Make sure to do the same steps for both eyes.

The next step to eye make up is eyeliner. Eyeliner is not always necessary when applying eye make up but is another way to add definition and make your eyes stand out. It is good to stick with neutral colored eyeliner if you are applying it with colored eye shadow, but again feel free to experiment. I recommend black or brown or if you believe that these colors are too dark opt for a gray. When lining your eyes it is most important to do the top lashes. This will make your eyes appear larger. Before applying your liner, find your natural lash line, this is where your eyeliner should go. You do not want a space between your lashes and your liner. Just like with your shadow, start at the inside corner of your eye and work out. It is good to do small strokes so you can follow the natural lash line. You should stop at the outside corner of your eye or if you are feeling daring add a small wing to the end! Repeat the same steps on the other eye.

Mascara tube
In my personal opinion, mascara is the most important eye make up. You can go without shadow or liner and mascara will define your eyes by itself. Mascaras come in all forms; lengthening, plumping, waterproof, etc, you should find the one that best fits your needs. When applying mascara you should start with your bottom lashes so you do not smear the mascara on your top lashes on accident. Remove the brush from your mascara tube and gently apply the make up to your bottom lashes. Go slowly so you do not accidentally hit your skin with the brush. If this happens, simply use a wet q-tip to remove the excess make up. After the bottom lashes are done, then apply the mascara to your upper lashes. Some people find it easier to apply it on your top lashes if you slowly blink while pulling the brush upward. When all lashes on both eyes are evenly coated with mascara, you are done with your eye make up!

I hope that you find these steps easy to follow and remember eye make up is all about being creative. Use it as a tool to express yourself!


  1. Your instructions are very thorough and easy to follow. I like the little hints/tricks you give too, they're very helpful.

  2. You have great tips on applying eye shadow. I didn't know your eyeshadow is applied before your eye liner.

  3. Great blog! If I wore make-up I'd go with a little blue mystique theme!

  4. Thanks for the comments :] I'm glad that these posts are easy to read and follow! and the reason you want to add the eye shadow before the eye liner is so the shadow doesn't cover the liner and make it look dull :]